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We have several publications available to view and download.

Ocean Gateway

The Peel Group’s Decade of Delivery 2008-2018

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Amion Report

Independent ten-year review of Ocean Gateway, July 2019

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Government urged to address regional imbalances in population growth and housing provision

This report is concerned with the regional imbalances in population growth and housing provision in England.

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Government urged to prioritise infrastructure spending to grow and rebalance the economy

New report says investment in infrastructure critical to rebalance the economy.

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Annual Review

Positively impacting people's lives

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Understand our ethos

Peel in the Northern Powerhouse

The Peel Group partnering for growth, prosperity and a lasting social legacy.

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Our Partnerships

Peel 150 Map

A PDF document showing locations of Peel investments in the North.

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Our past 20 years: A proven track record

Peel unlocking productivity and growth across the Northern Powerhouse

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Peel Red Book

An introduction to Peel

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From Wallasey Pool to Wirral Waters

A snapshot of Wirral Water's vivid history

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Our Story

Positively impacting people's lives

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Ocean Gateway

An overview of the Ocean Gateway and constituent projects

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CSR Report

At the Peel Group we are committed to delivering benefits to communities and the environment in everything we do

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Peel in the Northern Powerhouse

The Peel Group with Powerful Partnerships working together to deliver 150 projects in the North. October 2015

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Tax Strategy

The Group’s policy and approach to conducting its tax affairs

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Energy Management 2017

We’re proud to lead the way in energy efficiency and management processes

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Charitable Activity

Over the last 20 years, Peel has donated almost £20 million to a wide range of causes

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Committed to Our Communities

The Peel Group has a long history of working with communities

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Jobs & Skills

The basis of any healthy and prosperous community is access to employment and the development of skills

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Prospectus 2009

Peel Group Ocean Gateway Prospectus, October 2009

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Technical Report 2009

Peel Group Ocean Gateway Technical Report, October 2009

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Investment Opportunities

The Peel Group works in partnership with a wide range of organisations both public and private.

The variety of sectors within which we operate offer potential investment opportunities for like-minded businesses and investors.

If you would like to find out more please contact us at info@peel.co.uk