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The Cummins

Life-long Residents of Ellesmere Port

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This is definitely where we want to stay

Tania and Chris Cummins and their son Thomas have lived in Ellesmere Port all their lives – but it wasn’t until 2012, when they moved into their three-bedroomed detached home in Rossfield Park, that they found a place they wanted to call home.

“Since the age of 18, I’d always lived in council rented properties and as a family we eventually lived in a two-up, two-down house in Bishop’s Garden, Grange Farm. For a growing family and two dogs we were always tight for space, but when we agreed to look after my younger teenage brother there was no choice – we had to get an affordable place with more space.

“After trawling the internet, we eventually found the Rossfield Park development, which had a mix of properties available to buy or rent. We were actually going to see another property when we spotted the one we live in now. We immediately fell in love with it and couldn’t believe it was available and within our budget.

“We’ve put our heart and soul into this house and every day we feel grateful for the space it has given us. Things other people might take for granted mean a lot to us. We love the fact that the dogs can roam in and out of the house into a spacious garden. Thomas has a bedroom big enough to fit a desk so he can concentrate on his school work and we have a dining room where we can enjoy family meals.

“Life has improved for us in so many ways since we moved here. The fact that the house is close to Thomas’ school and our work means we’re not wasting time on lengthy commutes, we’re close to our family and since we’ve lived here my brother has turned his life around. He completed a college course and is now in work and living with his girlfriend. We also credit living here with how well Thomas is doing at school. He’s a star student and is focused on going to university and becoming a Solicitor. We’re really proud of him.

“This is definitely where we want to stay and our dream is to own the house one day.”

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